Hi guys! My name is Koralia Stergiou and I am from Greece!I really want to be a fashion designer and nowadays I am very interested with clothes and fashion generally.I hope you enjoy my posts and if you have any questions just go ahead and email me to koraliaster@yahoo.gr


Easter photoshoot!

These are some photos of the mini photoshoot I had today! :) They are very plain but I hope you like them! Have a nice easter break :) 


Munich Adventure.

Last week, we went as a school to Munich, Germany. We stayed for 5 days there and we had so much fun! I needed a break... I shopped a lot and it was a great experience! I had never been to Germany before so I was amazed by the culture and all the museums we visited! I hope I have the chance to travel again with this club. 



summer ending.

Bright fun patterns to say goodbye to summer! This was a fun and colorful photoshoot for a happy ending of summer 2013.We had a great time and gained great memories! Hope you all enjoyed summer as much as I did :) Now it's time for a fresh start in the school year! We are ready for a new fun and enjoyable school year :) Hope you enjoy xxx    ifigenia and koralia :D